This is an example ballot showing how to vote on Advisory Votes 16, 17, 18, and King County Proposition 1 on the 2017 King County ballot. Use a browser capable of displaying images if you cannot see anything.
NPI's recommendations for 2017 Washington State ballot measures

Advisory Votes 16, 17, 18
Vote MAINTAINED. The three "advisory votes" on your ballot are brought to you by Tim Eyman's I-960. Each advisory vote concerns a bill that was already approved by the Washington State Legislature as part of the budget. These "advisory votes" are nonbinding, but they're appearing on our ballots because the Supreme Court didn't fully strike down Tim Eyman's I-960 when it had the opportunity to. Vote Maintained to deny Tim Eyman ammunition for future attacks on our public services and elected representatives. Go here for an explanation of how the advisory votes are a waste of your tax dollars.

NPI's recommendations for 2017 local ballot measures

King County Proposition 1 (Veterans, Seniors, and Human Services Levy): YES
The latest ballot measure to carry the moniker "Proposition 1" is the Veterans, Seniors, and Human Services levy, which was originally enacted by a vote of the people of King County several years ago. By voting yes, we can renew and expand the levy to serve more people. Your "Approved" vote will continue and expand investments in vital services like job training, employment opportunities, and housing stability to veterans, seniors, domestic violence survivors, and more. Even the notoriously right wing, Republican-friendly Seattle Times editorial board agrees this levy has a track record of success and deserves to be continued.

More information: Yes on Proposition 1

We also urge you to support your local levies.

Okay, I'm up to speed on the ballot measures. What about everything else?

NPI does not endorse candidates for elected office, or participate in campaigns for or against any candidate. We only take positions on ballot measures and legislation, so we can't offer you any suggestions on who to vote for. However, if you're a progressive voter looking for additional information, you should consider checking out Fuse Washington's Progressive Voter's Guide.

I didn't receive a ballot!

If you are registered to vote and you do not receive your ballot by Monday, October 23rd, please contact King County Elections at 206-296-8683.